H18 group brings together a wide variety of world class experience, and has created a team like no other.

H18 Construction and Development group is comprised of seasoned experts in international building and development, and has made a serious entrance in the Florida and California commercial and residential markets.

H18 allows investors to access unique pricing structure for real estate development deals, which is potentially far more lucrative than returns through traditional investments.

H18 has a broad area of expertise and ability; everything from developing high rises to smaller scale local condominium builds, infrastructure restorations and general renovations.

Dekel Emuna

Dekel is the founder of the company and the leader of its development. Has been specializing in sales, customer service and construction project management for over a decade. Has extensive experience in real estate of all types. Focuses on purchasing and investment groups.

Luis A. D’Agostino

Member, Qualifier
Luis has developed & constructed of over $600 Million Dollars of mid to large-scale real estate projects, from townhouses, single –family homes, garden-style Class A apartments to high-rise commercial, residential and mix-use projects.

Lior Emuna

Lior has rich experience in real estate and construction development. Specializes in apartment buildings and custom build. Guide and teach financial discipline, smart purchases, business and negotiations.
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