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H18 brings together a professional abundance of world class experience, and has created a reliable trusting team like no other. Our managing partners come from varied backgrounds, and each bring something exceptional to the team. With a wide variety of experience readily available. H18 has built over 13,000 residential and commercial properties all around the world since the 80’s. Delivering punctually and staying in the budget is a must for H18. But while delivering outstanding results, our team also focuses on connecting with our customers to make their project journey as tranquil as possible, as we know that starting a project can potentially be an exciting and nervous time.

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Help the planet. Help your budget.

There is no better, safer and helpful way to add both beauty and value to your home like doing an energy efficient home upgrade.

There are a million reasons to upgrade your home. Do it with the premier energy efficiency upgrade pros!

We have years of experience in this unique environment, and the best financing options available!

Real Estate & Brokerage Services

Full Real Estate Consultation & Services

Real Estate is filled with divers who are professional. But, H18 continues to stand out.

What makes us different?  The combination of our business model, platform, training and support helps us to provide more accurate advice for our clients when it comes to making a real estate purchase of any kind.

H18 will direct you through all the necessary steps from finding the right property, calculating the remodeling needs, measuring the timeline, to providing you the best ROI on completion.

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Our new intuitive portal will give you access to any resources you might need, such as images, videos, guides and how-to’s.

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Palm Beach,FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miami, FL
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H18 Construction & Development

Service Areas:

Palm Beach,FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miami, FL
Los Angeles, CA
San Jose, CA


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